Public Works Management

Public Works Management 1

Public Works Management 2

Public Works Management 3

Our time-tested and proven management systems address the critical needs of employee productivity and accountability to the community. ESG’s team of experts has developed cutting-edge solutions for all of your public works contract operations, maintenance, and management needs.

Our proven management plan provides:

  • Rate and system stability
  • Increased efficiency
  • Protection of assets
  • Improved customer service

We can help your community with a tailored approach to public works management that will optimize the effectiveness of your departments including:

  • Solid Waste Management
  • Roads and Bridge Maintenance
  • Street and Sidewalk Maintenance
  • Building Maintenance
  • Right-of-Way Maintenance
  • Grounds Management and Beautification
  • Mosquito Control
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Fleet Management
  • Cemetery Management
  • Planning and Zoning Review
  • Natural Gas Systems