Augusta, Georgia

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Augusta, Georgia
Augusta, Georgia
Augusta, Georgia

ESG’s partnership with the City of Augusta began in January 2010, when ESG Operations assumed operation of the 65 MGD and 300 acre wetlands treatment system which includes the
J.B. Messerly WPCP as well as the Spirit Creek WPCP and the large Industrial Pretreatment Program consisting of 47 permitted industries.

ESG also manages a very unique and extensive biosolids land application program involving more than 4,000 acres on behalf of the City of Augusta. The staff of 32 associates in Augusta operates the largest wastewater treatment facility subject to a public/private partnership agreement in the southeastern United States.

ESG is a proud partner and supporter of the Southeastern Natural Sciences Academy focusing on environmental outreach and education initiatives.

Facilities Operated and Maintained

  • 65 MGD Wastewater Treatment System (activated sludge plant with 300-acre Wetlands Treatment System plus Lagoon Wastewater Treatment Facility)
  • Perform pipeline assessments on 5 million linear feet of sewer line

Service Area

307 square miles



Significant Accomplishments

  • Created over $1 million in savings on facility improvements and $500,000 in maintenance rebates.
  • Evaluated electrical rate structures and converted main lift station to a more economical package, amounting to approximately $25,000 savings annually.
  • Implemented computerized maintenance management system and root-cause analysis to ensure repairs are solving the problem and not just treating a symptom.
  • Started up new facility without full complement of designed-in automation.
  • Maintained compliance during facility upgrade within existing site.
  • Installed rock traps to alleviate issues caused by “57” stone interfering with bar screen performance.