Water & Wastewater Management

Community water systems nationwide face significant infrastructure needs to protect public health and ensure the availability of safe drinking water. In our stretched economy with limited public revenue and aging infrastructures, partnering with ESG is the best way to meet community water needs.

ESG has had great success in taking troubled water and wastewater systems and transforming them into award-winning facilities. How do we do this? Our success is directly tied to our unique blend of real-world design engineering background, coupled with practical hands-on operations expertise. While most any problem can be solved if you are willing to “throw buckets of money at it,” ESG has saved our clients millions of dollars in construction costs simply by understanding the theory and technology behind what makes water and wastewater facilities work. We know that the best solution for many problems is a blend of optimizing operations and engineering design modifications. Very few companies approach treatment challenges in this manner. This approach yields the highest value solution—and ESG’s commitment is to create value for our clients every day.

ESG takes an industry leading approach to asset management within the water and wastewater facilities, and system maintenance within the collections and distribution systems.  ESG integrates the best programs, both repair and replacement, and asset management concepts in a systematic format that considers asset condition, risk, criticality, and the consequences of failure.  Repair and replacement with long-term asset management, based on a whole equipment system life cycle economic analysis, is key to minimizing short- and long-term operational costs.  We achieve this through the use of ESG on-site professionally managed staff and off-site technical experts to evaluate the equipment within the managed assets.  Our experts evaluate equipment using conditions based predictive tools and testing equipment, computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) for all preventative and corrective maintenance tasks, and capital forecasting for each asset to determine its impact on compliance, safety, operation, finance, and contractual commitments.  In all, it’s our T3 concept encompassing training, tools, and technology in our approach to asset management that sets us apart from the competition as a leader in the industry.

ESG’s team of water and wastewater professionals will work with you to develop a successful and cost effective plan. We manage and maintain every component of your utility system including:

  • Wastewater Treatment Systems
  • Water Treatment Systems
  • Wastewater Collection Systems
  • Water Distribution Systems
  • Stormwater Systems
  • Biosolids Systems
  • Industrial Pretreatment

We are poised and ready to address your utility challenges—and exceed your expectations in providing sound solutions and satisfied customers.


The ESG approach to the professional contract operations concept generates rate stability, significantly improved system reliability, increased efficiency, and a guarantee of the highest level of customer service and satisfaction.

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