Operational Consulting

What does ESG offer? World class technology delivered to your unique system.

ESG provides a wide range of technical, maintenance, and financial consulting services for your utility or public works system. Our services range from full-system evaluations that include in-depth financial and rate analysis to process-specific employee training. ESG’s team of industry experts can also assist you with complicated regulatory compliance issues and provide you with temporary staffing to meet your needs. Our in-house maintenance experts can conduct state-of-the-art evaluations that include the use of high-tech equipment such as infrared thermography and digital underground pipe scanning to identify problems with your underground assets.

The goal of our management consulting group is to assist you in identifying and implementing cost-saving and performance-enhancing measures throughout your system. Let our expertise work for you.


The ESG approach to the professional contract operations concept generates rate stability, significantly improved system reliability, increased efficiency, and a guarantee of the highest level of customer service and satisfaction.

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