Client Testimonials

Gary Fuller

Mayor, City of Opelika

During my two terms as mayor of this great city I’ve been involved in many important decisions that affect our progress.  None were more important that my first “big” decision for the City of Opelika to enter into a public-private partnership with ESG.  Frankly, it has been a solid and clear winner in every respect.  I would challenge any community to get the day in and day out performance we enjoy in our community at our investment level.  It’s a heck of a deal and I’m surprised more cities haven’t followed our lead.

James Faircloth

Mayor, City of Perry

ESG Operations, Inc. benefits the City of Perry in two ways. First, it provides professional management of our utilities combining best management practices and common sense. Second, it stands with the City as a partner in addressing the ever more difficult issues of utility services delivery.



Alan Brock

Wakulla County Board Chairman

I continue to be impressed by ESG.  ESG Operations has managed Wakulla County’s Public Works since 2006. During that time, ESG has provided a high level of Professional Service to our Citizens. While the downturn in the economy has hit Wakulla County hard, like the rest of the Country, ESG has been a  valuable partner to the County by implementing cost savings and reductions without reducing the quality  of services, response time or morale.


The ESG approach to the professional contract operations concept generates rate stability, significantly improved system reliability, increased efficiency, and a guarantee of the highest level of customer service and satisfaction.

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