Why work with ESG Operations

The question is not “why work for ESG?” but “why not work for ESG?”

ESG is one of the largest, fasting growing utility operations and public works management companies in the country.

The Difference?

ESG in a privately owned company that is still run with family values.  And at ESG, our employees are our family.

ESG offers a competitive benefits package, financial planning services, and training opportunities to help promote our employees.

Our employees are our most valuable asset.
We put our employees first because we recognize that there is no way to provide exemplary customer service with dissatisfied and demoralized employees. Our ultimate goal is to increase our employees’ skills, competitiveness, and efficiencies, which we recognize will increase their long-term value within the workplace.

We invest in our employees by providing professional training in a wide array of areas, including:

  • Systems Integration
  • Interpersonal Communication and Team Interaction
  • Quality-Management Processes
  • Targeted Safety Training
  • Technical and Technology-Based Training

The ESG approach to the professional contract operations concept generates rate stability, significantly improved system reliability, increased efficiency, and a guarantee of the highest level of customer service and satisfaction.

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